At Pulse Test Solutions we design and build state-of-the-art Test Manipulators to top industry standards ensuring quality, accuracy, repeatability, and precision to customer applications. Our Experienced Test Engineering Team understand the entire test system and this experience is applied in our designs to make our systems both user friendly as well as cost effective.

Custom / Universal Solutions!

We work with our customers to meet their needs! At Pulse we understand that each customer has different needs and applications where they use manipulators. We work close with our customers to offer either off the shelf or customized solutions.

Competitive Solutions!

We understand the need to be competitive and in this regards we work with our customers to give them cost effective designs based on their requirements. We always look at giving customers versatility by offering universal designs which can be used over several different applications. This also translates into cost savings for our customers!

Proven Solutions!

Our Test manipulators have proven themselves on test floors through years of use.

Put Us To The Test!!!

Ask our team how we can give you cost effective solutions to your manipulating needs.

M3 Test Head Manipulator

M4 Manipulator
M4 Manipulator

Boracay Manipulator
Boracay Manipulator

Bohol Manipulator
M4 Manipulator

Boracay Manipulator Lite
Boracay Manipulator Lite

Galera Manipulator
Boracay Manipulator Lite





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