Pulse now offers Load Board Design and Fabrication, one of our company's newest product lines under Pulse Test Solutions. This is an extent to give our customers a total package of test solutions. Our design insist on quality and specifications required by our customers to provide well engineered load board products aimed to ensure full test of measurement without degrading the quality of testing.

Precision and Accuracy

Pulse Test Solutions understands that a properly designed load board is a key to an efficient and accurate testing of ICs.

Universal/Customized Designs

Pulse Test Solutions produces load boards with custom designs to meet your specific needs. We frequently consult with our customers to ensure that they will get what they need.

Limitless Innovation

Pulse Test Solutions continually upgrades the technologies that it uses in order to provide you with only the best.

Superior Quality

Pulse Test Solutions designs and fabricates load boards that are superior in quality. Our processes and methodologies have been proven to be effective in producing high quality products.


Pulse Test Solutions fully understands the process and dynamics of creating load boards: from the design and layout stages to the fabrication, assembly, and test stages. We have the expertise to deal with your problems and needs and to provide solutions to them.

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