Reliable, permanent marking with compact units

The marking units are available with two different drive systems and are mounted in a test fixture or a replacement kit compactly and precisely.

Electrically operated marking units

In the electrically operated marking units, the spring-loaded engraving tool pushes against the surface of the PC board during the testing process. After successful “good” testing of the PC board the marking unit is typically powered with 12 V DC for around 1.0 seconds during contacting. Due to the generated rotating movement the PCB is engraved by a scratching tool or cutting tool with a permanent Ø 2 mm circle on the surface.

Pneumatically operated marking units

In the pneumatically operated marking units, the engraving tool rotates by means of compressed air. At the same time, a stroke movement is performed, so that the engraving tool is pressed against the PC board and permanently marks it with either a Ø 2 mm circular marking or with a circle point marking of > Ø 1.0 mm. As soon as the compressed air is turned off, the engraving tool is moved back to its home position by an internal spring.


  • Compact, robust design
  • Precise, infinitely variable positioning
  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • Electrically or pneumatically operated drive
  • Permanent marking of various material surfaces




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