Diversity for individual customizing

Safety switches

For safety-relevant interlocking of the closed pressure frame, especially when testing in lowvoltage areas. Available as an electrical or magnetic safety switch-with or without holding the pressure frame closed.

Interlocking units

For interlocking the pressure frame. Available both as a closed or open variant – in particular for tests, which should not be interrupted or when the closing of the pressure frame is only allowed under certain circumstances.

Checking units

To check necessary control tasks (e.g. start of test). Available as „pressure frame closed check“ in various versions or as a check of the interlocked exchangeable kit.

Self-opening unit

To open up the manual test fixture automatically and independently – in particular to increase the productivity in the testing area by reducing the non-productive times.

Lift-out units

To safely lift out the tested UUT out of the test fixture automatically after opening the pressure frame. Available as a single-stage or dual-stage version.

Anti-pinch Protection

To provide a safety spacing between the housing and the activation unit, to prevent pinching of fingers, which could be caused due to accidental closing of the activation unit.

Open stop unit

To limit the pressure frame to an opening angle of 45°. The limitation is activated by means of a locking pin.

MA control unit

To control the optionally available additional components for the manual test fixtures easily and reliably. Usable for all common test systems, due to potential-free wide-range inputs from 5 to 24 volts.

Exchangeable Kits

As a quick-exchange system, for exact interchange of the individually customised exchangeable kits. Available as standard-, ESD-, rigid-pin and RF versions – and with or without internal intermediate interface.

Interface Blocks

As electrical-conductive connection in internal, external or customised interfaces. Available as signal, high-current, RF-, optical wave-guide, pneumatic, mixed or special blocks in various versions.


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