Standard Stroke Test Probes

It is proven to be reliable ICT/FCT test probes. Depending on the working stroke of the test fixture or the component/test points to be tested, various installation heights are necessary. These can be achieved by a choice of combinations of test probes and receptacles. Thus, the optimal working stroke with nominal spring force can be achieved. Test probes have standard, L (+ 2.0 mm), and E (+ 5.0 mm) versions, as well as receptacles with various collar heights.

Long Stroke Test Probes

Used to combined ICT/FCT test in dual-stage test fixtures.

Wireless receptacles

Used to transmit signals over a spring-loaded plunger on a transfer PCB. Thus, a cable is not required.

Short / robust test probes

Stand out due to their robust, compact design. This makes them suitable for harsh ICT/FCT applications with limited space available, as well as in larger grid sizes.

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