Competitive solutions with innovative technology for reliable testing.

This stand-alone test fixtures, without interchangeable exchangeable kits are manufactured in two standard sizes: VA 2030 and VA 2040. The test fixtures stand out due to the robust, durable design.

A large variety of standardized pressure frame units, vacuum cover and additional contact units enable a quick, easy customization. Individual customization, also with vacuum-free zones and PCB-specific sealing mask is also possible.

In addition to customer-specific customized vacuum test fixtures, INGUN also delivers individual fixture kits. Customization material for self-customization, as well as test system-specific customization accessories are available.

Upon request, we will customize any of our test fixtures according to project-specific requirements for you. Regardless of which application you have to test, INGUN offers you the suitable test solution. Additionally, you will profit from our 44 years of test experience.


  • Stand-alone fixture for combined FCT/ICT test
  • Available for all test system interfaces currently in use
  • Robust, durable design




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