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Pasay City, Philippines, June 2011 - Pulse Integrated Technology, Inc. participated in the Philippine Semiconductor and Electronics Convention and Exhibition (PSECE) that was held at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last June 1-3, 2011. PSECE, an annual event organized by SEIPI, is where leading companies in the Philippine semiconductor and electronics industry convene and take part in showcasing their finest products. Pulse displayed and exhibited its choice products such as the Palawan Manipulator and many instruments from its principals. This event was attended by numerous onlookers, and Pulse actively attended to every question and inquiry of all interested persons. Events such as this are manifestations of the success and the continuous progress of the semiconductor and electronics industry here in the Philippines.

Manipulator PalawanExtech Products

Team Building Activity

Pulse Integrated Technology: Team Building Activity palawan

Batangas, Philippines, May 2011 - The great philosopher Plato once wrote, “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” And this we have proven to be true during our team building activity at Eagle Point Resort last May 6-7, 2011. The purpose of a team building activity is to strengthen the friendship that exists among coworkers and be able to achieve goals together, and we have accomplished these things. What does it matter if we bruised our knees or we got our skin darkened while playing under the sun? All of these are worth the fun! :D


Pulse Integrated Technology: Team Building Activity

Tug of War

Pulse Integrated Technology: Team Building Activity

Obstacle Course

Pulse Integrated Technology: Team Building Activity

Makiling Trekathon

Makiling Trekathon Company Picture

Laguna, Philippines, April 2011 - Pulse Integrated Technology, in accordance with its mission to be environmentally proactive and responsible, joined the Makiling Trekathon that was held at UP Los Baños last April 30, 2011.

Makiling Rain Forest Our journey was made more enjoyable by the beautiful scenery that we passed by and of course the happy company that were with us. Mount Makiling is such a beauty to behold. It is a home to a variety of protected fauna and flora. The road at the start of our trek was still cemented, and as we went higher, it became more rocky and slippery. When we reached our five-kilometer mark and are ready to return to complete our 10-kilometer trek, we decided not to return right away. Rather, we proceeded towards the Mud Spring. This is equivalent to an additional 1.4km trek. Shortly before we arrived there, we could already smell the scent of sulfur in the air. Mount Makiling is said to be a potentially active volcano, and the Mud Spring is like a very big cauldron with boiling mud in it. The scenery was spectacular. Water was flowing in a pipe there, and it was very refreshing to touch the cold water after a long trek. It was a cool drizzly morning at the Makiling Botanical Garden, and the sun was still rising in the horizon when we started our 10-kilometer trek.We covered a total of 11.4 kilometers. Of course, not all of us are athletic and are able to withstand such great distances, but we supported and encouraged one another to keep going. So in a way, this Trekathon had become a team activity, and to be able to arrive at our destination Makiling Mud Springis an accomplishment for our entire company. If there is one more thing that we learned, it is that, in order to reach our goal, we are capable of continuing what we have to do despite any mental or physical exhaustion, and we have the determination and tenacity to go the extra mile (even literally). The Makiling Trekathon aimed to raise funds for the rehabilitation and conservation of Mount Makiling, and we are happy that we took part in such a noble activity. Surely, many future generations are going to benefit from these simple actions that we took.

Makiling Trekathon

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims Aid/Donations

February 2011 – The Pulse Technology Family extends our thoughts and support for the recent Earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan. In this regards we are pulling together donations from our team to be sent to Japan. We would also like to encourage our customers, business partners, associates, and web visitors to do what they can as well. Here is the link for the American Red Cross where donations can be made. We are hoping for speedy recovery for those effected in Japan.

Burn-In & Test Socket

Pomona, Calif., February 2011 – Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT) Contact Products Group (CPG) will showcase the latest additions to its ZIP® family of flat technology Pogo® pins in Booth A04 at the upcoming BiTS™ Burn-In & Test Socket Workshop, scheduled to take place March 6-9, 2011 at the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa Hotel in Mesa, Arizona. A new eight-page ZIP® Product Portfolio brochure will be available for the first time at the ECT CPG booth. ZIP® has recently been granted US Patent Number 7,862,391. In addition to the ZIP® family, ECT’s Contact Products Group’s display will highlight its expanded line of available pitches from 0.8mm down to 0.2mm center spacing. ECT also will feature the high-performance Bantam®, the pin of choice for the most demanding test applications; the Mini-Mite™, for higher current and consistent C-res requirements; and the CSP series, for a wide variety of double-ended Pogo technology applications with drop-in compatibility for many competitor test probes. ECT CPG personnel will be on hand to demonstrate the company’s latest technologies and answer customer inquiries related to its new range of products including: ZIP® SCRUB™ ― The ZIP® SCRUB pin features a positive scrub-action pad and ball contact on lead-free plated array and peripheral devices where solder transfer causes frequent cleaning and maintenance cycles.

ZIP® KELVIN ― ECT’s ZIP® KELVIN is ideal for voltage sensitive device tests on array or peripheral devices requiring sub-1 ohm resistance measurements typical in RDSON and highpower applications.

ZIP® SUPER SHORT ― The SUPER SHORT is designed for 0.5nH low impedance, high frequency testing.

ZIP® Long-Travel ― The ZIP® Long-Travel, with an OAL up to 6.7mm, was developed for contacting large devices and strip tests where planarity and compliance are an issue.

Z8 ― The Z8 is suited for burn-in applications and combines the performance features of the standard ZIP® in a burn-in-price-point replaceable compliant pin.

The ZIP® patented 2-D design features planar contact surfaces fabricated by a unique manufacturing process, delivering performance and cost advantages. The ZIP® Series is designed to meet today’s demanding test requirements and economics.

For more information about Everett Charles Technologies’ ZIP® family or to request advanced copies of the new product portfolio, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Everett Charles Technologies’ CPG
to Introduce the New Edge™ in
Loaded Board Test at the IPC APEX EXPO

Pomona, Calif., February 8, 2011 – The Contact Products Group (CPG) of Everett Charles Technologies will display the Edge™ for the first time in Booth #447 at the upcoming IPC APEX EXPO, schedule to take place April 12-14, 2011at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas. CPG President, Bud Fabian, said “We have been able to develop a low-cost, interchangeable alternative to the expensive round, steel-bladed plungers that are being increasingly requested by customers worldwide in test fixtures.” The Edge™ provides an economical, sharp, aggressive and shallow angle blade tip for reliable via probing on PCBs by incorporating ECT’s patented ZIP® flat technology manufacturing cost advantages. It is fully replaceable in current fixtures with 100 mill receptacles installed. In addition to the Edge™, CPG will exhibit its entire range of Contact Products, Ostby-Barton and Pylon Pogo® pins addressing the in-circuit, functional, semiconductor, high frequency coaxial, high current and battery interconnect markets. Products to be highlighted at the show include the Edge™, an expanded range of LFRE™ tip styles, and the new long-travel Z3 addition to the ZIP® family of “flat” technology Pogo® pins.

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Everett Charles Technologies is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation (NYSE: DOV) a leading manufacturer of electrical test products and services, including PogoÒ test contacts, semiconductor test products, bare-board automatic test systems, and bare and loaded PCB test fixtures. ECT manufacturing, service, and support facilities are ISO registered with locations throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company has been awarded numerous patents and participates actively in developing industry standards. Corporate offices for Everett Charles Technologies are located at 700 E. Harrison Ave., Pomona, California, USA, 91767. Additional information about ECT is available via the Internet at





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