Our office will be closed for the COMPANY Holiday ON December 29 AND WILL RESUME OPERATIONS ON January 02, 2018… HAPPY Holidays!!!

Pulse Christmas Party 2017

December 8, 2017 - The day of celebration for the annual Christmas Party was held at our new office at Calamba, Laguna and was later resumed at Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa. The celebration was made simple yet It was lot of fun, activities included raffle, dining out, and Karaoke singing. This event will be remembered and will inspire the team to have a positive outlook for the next coming year.

Work Environment Measurement Solutions (WEM)

The Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), provides a guideline to protect the physical safety and health of every worker in any working conditions.

Pulse Integrated Technology Inc., in partnership with Extech Instruments offers several tools that may be utilize to monitor, control or check different occupational hazards in different working environments for the health and safety of every worker.

Airborne Contaminants Occupational Health and Environment Control (Rule 1070)

  • 1072 Threshold Limit Values for Airborne Contaminants 28
  • 1073 Threshold Limit Values for Airborne Contaminants (Tables)

All employees exposure to any material (e.g. Acetic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Formaldehyde, etc.) shall at no time exceed the ceiling value

Noise Occupational Health and Environment Control (Rule 1070)

  • 1074 Physical Agents
  • 1074.01: Threshold Limit Values for Noise
  • 1074:02: Permissible Noise Exposure

Sound pressure that represents conditions under which it is believed that nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed without adverse effect on their ability to hear and understand normal speech

Illumination Occupational Health and Environment Control (Rule 1070)

  • 1075: Illumination

All places where persons work or pass or may have to work or pass in emergencies, shall be provided during time of use with adequate natural lighting or artificial lighting or both, suitable for the operation and the special type of work performed.

General Ventilation Occupational Health and Environment Control (Rule 1070)

  • 1076 General Ventilation
  • 1076.01: Atmospheric Conditions
  • 1076.02: Air Supply
  • 1076.03: Cleanliness
  • 1076.04: Air Movement
  • 1076.05: Temperature and Humidity

Suitable atmospheric conditions shall be maintained in workrooms by natural or artificial means to avoid insufficient air supply, stagnant or vitiated air, harmful drafts, excessive heat or cold, sudden variations in temperature, and where practicable, excessive humidity or dryness and objectionable odors

Our office will be closed for the Holidays on December 23 (starting @ 12:00 P.M.), 24, 26 and on December 30 (Rizal day) & January 02. We will be back on January 03, 2016. Happy Holidays!!!

Pulse has participated on this year's 23rd Manufacturing Technology World trade show event in collaboration with PHILTRONICS and MWH Philippines that will be held on August 18 to 20 at SMX Convention Center Manila. The event will be hosting most of the biggest company in the manufacturing, light and heavy equipment industry around the country that will exhibit their most interesting products for the benefit of existing and potential customers and also to promote business partnerships that will greatly benefit the manufacturing industry.

CSECE 2016

Pulse Integrated Technology Inc will be taking part in Cebu Semiconductor & Electronics and Exhibition at the Waterfront Cebu City July 28-29 2016. Come Visit us in Booth #26. We will be presenting our full line of Products and Services including Electronic and IC Test Solutions, Assembly and Handling Lines, as well as our Test Equipment Group. We will also be giving updates on our New Office in Cebu to better serve our customers in Cebu and the Southern Provinces.





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